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Booking Forms

Make the booking process as easy as possible for your customers with a complete and clean online booking form that allows you to collect all the data needed to make a reservation.

Instant Booking

Guests simply choose their travel dates to book with you immediately. It doesn’t require any kind of approval from the host prior to booking if the chosen dates are available.

Booking Calendar

Keep your reservations organized in a friendly booking calendar interface. The calendar is fully responsive and looks great on any desktop or mobile device.

About Gharfar

GharFar is a combined venture of gharfar trips and services (Pakistan) & (UK). Which was establish with a core idea of dedication, customer services, and B2C services in the tourism and hospitality management. In gharfar we wanted to preserve and protect the integrity of our guests and hosts which was never provided to the travellers who wanted to rent out a space or reserve a certain property where they were travelling.

Gharfar ensures 100% privacy to its guest and travellers with a price of 10 million in Insureance offered to our hosts in order to make your memories unforgettable at their property.

Gharfar also ensures GharPlus properites whish are completely owned by gharfar trips and service PVT LTD.